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Kalea Heart Shaped Shallow Coconut Bowl with Spoon - Real Natural Coconut Shells - Great for Food Art Photography and Desserts

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Brand: Kalea

Color: Brown


  • FROM THE EARTH Made of pure coconut shells hand crafted and sealed with coconut oil, after they have been extracted for their meat and water, EACH ORDER COMES WITH 1 BOWL AND 1 SPOON
  • MULTI-USE AND PRACTICAL Make Kalea Coconut Bowls your healthy meal buddy! **This bowl is much more shallow than our round version, nice for social media pictures with a light smoothie with lots of toppings, tapas, dessert, oatmeal and as a small bowl for a fruit salad**
  • USE ON THE GO, SAFE FOR OUTDOORS Take anywhere, toss in your bag, eat, rinse, dry and repeat! Plus, use outdoors to replace breakable dishware, and potentially harmful plastics
  • GROWING DEMAND AND POPULARITY Great for food photos, perfect as a gift, and makes for refreshing conversation at your dinner table
  • GO GREEN Bio-degradable, sustainable, compostable, and prevents these babies from being wasted and burned


Kalea- Filled with Joy

The Coconut Bowl 411

▫️After these coconut shells have been extracted for their meat and water, they are then cleaned and sealed with coconut oil

▫️Kalea Coconut Bowls contain no harmful laquers or chemicals, just natural coconut oil!

▫️Using these little gems is a positive impact on the environment. These coconut shells will otherwise be treated as waste and burned

▫️These bowls will take you from breakfast to lunch to dinner to dessert!

▫️You are receiving a coconut bowl that is unique to you! No coconut bowl is the same which makes them so special

How To Care For Your Kalea Coconut Bowl


Follow these tips and your coconut bowl will enjoy a beautiful, long life

Hand wash only with soapy water, wipe clean and dry immediately, no dishwashers for these beauties

Avoid putting your bowls in the fridge, freezer or microwave

Rub with coconut oil every so often to keep the lustre and to add moisture, especially in drier climates

Who We Are

Kalea in Haiwaiian means "filled with joy". We are a small, fully plant based family business, who believe in helping the environment, as well as to give back and employ whenever possible, villages abroad who have less means and opportunities. As we grow, we continue to keep our core values strong, and make customer service our main focus.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We strive for exceptional customer satisfaction, and to provide our customers with the best quality products. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your product, you will receive a full money back refund. Please contact us in advance so that we can assist this process for you, and so we understand how can further improve our business.

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