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PRODUCT: My Happy Life Heaven-in-a-Hammock Organic Cotton Macrame Chair

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Featured in My Happy Life for Sale, this hammock chair might be a necessity! Instant Heaven! Instant Happiness! Instant Art! The most fun way to meditate/relax/giggle! Toxin-free, organic cotton, biodegradable AND beautiful!!! 

I have two! One inside and one outside.

Rumi, the puppy, loves it too!

Stop by to pick one up or I can deliver it to you!

E N J O Y ! ! ! !


Product details from Mission Hammocks

"Mission Hammocks helps support persons with disabilities in Nicaragua. Our hammocks are made in a workshop that employs blind, deaf, and physically disabled people who make some of the best hammocks on the planet. They earn a fair salary and work in a great environment to develop personally and professionally! Each of these chairs is made just for you by a member of our workshop, so you know you're getting a one of a kind hammock chair.

Dimensions: 39.4" W x 63" L (35.4" W x 47.2" L Sitting Area)
Product Weight: 5.5 lbs
Capacity: 350 lbs


This is our best selling hammock, and one of the best hammock chairs available anywhere in the world.
Hanging chair is made from 100% Manila Cotton from Central America, which is some of the softest and most durable cotton available.
Each chair is made by a member of the Employment Social Project, an organization providing well-paid employment to persons with disabilities in you know that you're giving back as well.
It's easy to hang! The hanging hammock chair uses a single point to hang from (just make sure you find a beam).
Hammock chair is versatile enough for indoor or outdoor use, and it's very lightweight to move around depending on the season.
It can take up to 3 days to make one of these from scratch, and it's 100% diligently handwoven by one of our expert hammock chair makers.
Does not come with hanging hardware, tree straps or stand.
Because you're buying direct from the workshop that makes these, you're saving HALF over what you would pay for one of these in a fancy boutique store.

At Mission Hammocks, we make the absolute best hammock chairs in the world. We start with some of the finest organic Manila cotton made in Central America, and we hand weave every stitch on our hammock chairs, include the decorative macrame fringe. These chairs can be used in any room of the house, and are primarily hung in the bedroom, living room, or outdoors! The hammock chair is lightweight and easy to move in and out depending on where you need some extra seating. It makes a great gift!"

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