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Handmade Garden Hoe by Fisher Blacksmithing from Bozeman Montana, Mother's Day Garden Gift

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Brand: Garden Tools by Fisher Blacksmithing

Details: My mom's favorite tool and here's why: "I find this tool extremely versatile. The curve of the tool provides a perfect angle for the 'whackering' motion gardeners are constantly doing". The carefully balanced weight provides great momentum for really getting into the swing of things. You can use this tool to break up the soil, dig holes for transplanting, and weed around both flowers and vegetables. The pointed end of the hoe head is also great for drawing out rows for seeding. The shape of the tool reminds me of a leaf which is fun." Dimensions are 12″ long and 3′ wide. Handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana by Tuli Fisher (that's me)! These garden tools are an example of fine American Craft and the result is tools that you won't want to take your hands off of! Hand forged metal set into a black walnut handle makes a set of these garden tools the ideal gift for the discriminating gardener, wedding couple, or anyone (that includes you!) who has an eye for high-quality traditional crafts and a passion for gardening. I build each tool individually using traditional blacksmithing techniques. Steel is heated to a red glow in the forge and then shaped over the anvil with a hammer. All joinery is done using solid steel rivets. And, each tool is set into its own hand turned handle creating a long-lasting garden tool with no welds. American Black Walnut is used for handles. The tight grain of this strong hardwood makes it very durable. Best of all, it just feels good in your hand. These garden tools have been recently featured in Garden Design, Sunset Magazine, Horticulture Magazine, Forbes Lifestyle, Western Art and Architecture, and Zone 4 Gardening magazines.

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