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Cebra Wooden Toothbrush With Natural Bristles

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Brand: Cebra ethical skincare


  • for people who appreciate everything natural, this toothbrush is gentle to teeth and gums - read the description on how to use this toothbrush effectively
  • handle is beautifully made from local (German) beech wood and cleanly polished
  • doubly protected with an impregnation of plant oils and natural resins (saliva resistant according to DIN)
  • with pure natural bristles (hygienically prepared boars bristles) which are clipped securely into the head
  • head is wrapped in cellophane made from maize

Details: Natural boars bristles are gentle to teeth and gums and their hardness can be adjusted according to your personal needs by following these instructions: before using the toothbrush for the first time wash the head in warm water. Every now and then pour boiling water over the bristles. It is recommended to use two toothbrushes: one in the morning, the other in the evening - this way the wood and the bristles can dry properly and the toothbrush stays hygienic and last longer. If you are using a wooden toothbrush for the first time you may need a few days getting used to it.

EAN: 5060282560581

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