Smitten with Discoveries!!! Another Happy Week No 41

Another Happy Week

Another Happy Week filled with so many discoveries!!! I've been researching more about Prince since reading Mayte Garcia's book. I discovered Afshin Shahidi (Prince's personal photographer) because of his new book (Prince A Private View) which led to the discovery of his wife, daughter, and sons! #wow @shahidis!!!

I've been inLOVE with this newly discovered organic rose hydrosol! I use it every morning...spritz, spritz, spritz on my skin, clothes, hair. #thankyousomuch @rsorganics

The year's supply of sauerkraut (organic cabbage + sea salt) I purchased from Millers Organic Farm is almost gone! T H E  M O S T  D E L I C I O U S sauerkraut I've ever tasted ! ! ! #fermentedfoods

I preordered and received this beautiful treasure documenting the historic worldwide women's march! #TogetherWeRise #soinspiring #stpaulcapitol2017

I made biodegradable (he)ART for Valentine's Day and for LOVE in general:) using biodegradable washi tape! #genius! #loverevolution!

AND discovered model Halima Aden from Minnesota! #sobeautiful @Kinglimaa

AND,  A N D discovered this film and preordered tickets! #thankyou @blackpanther

Smitten with so many discoveries makes Another Happy Week! #thankyou!

P.S. I am a teacher who travels to different schools every day. I have very strong opinions about teaching in U.S. schools; I cannot think of another profession that is expected to be responsible for so many "clients" and to report to a (possibly deadly) workplace unprotected every day. I am in awe of the bravery displayed from students and staff in the schools where there have been shootings. This week after learning about the heroic death of student Peter Wang, I think of him with every door I hold open for students.

Our country has become fanatical about airport safety; schools deserve the same (if not more!) fanatical safety (the youth of the United States are our most valuable commodity). Perhaps it is the financial responsibility of the firearms makers and firearms groups to make schools safe from gun harm and deaths.   


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