OMGOSHHHH!!! MIRACLE Materials! Another Happy Week No. 22

#MYHAPPYLIFEFORSALEbook Another Happy Week

OMGOSHHHH! There are no words to describe the MIRACLE MATERIALS of this toxin-free wool comforter!!! I just received it (so fast!) and last night it felt like I was sleeping with warm little fluffy clouds of perfect heaven surrounding me!

I remember reading that sleeping with natural wool comforters keeps the body temperature regulated in cold and warm weather! How can that be?! It is true! (and a MIRACLE!)!

I used to purchase bedding, clothing, home decor, (even food!) based on its "cuteness"!!! Colorful patterns and cute designs! OMGOSHHH! I was so wrong! Now that I only purchase real-material, purposeful belongings, I surprisingly discovered that EVERYTHING is softer, more dutiful, more delicious, warmer, cooler, makes every day and night SO SATISFYING, positive, rich and rewarding!!!

Sleeping Heaven and Another Happy Week!!! iLOVE @DIYNaturalBedding!


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