Azomite Mineral Powder


Azomite Mineral Powder

Sally Fallon: "This powdery mineral supplement, containing montmorillonite clay and many other compounds, comes from an ancient seabed. It is an excellent source of silica, calcium, magnesium and the gamut of trace minerals. Clay also has detoxifying effects as the negatively charged clay particles attract positively charged pathogens and take them out of the body. Technically sold as an anticaking compound and available only in 40-pound bags, Azomite is incredibly cheap when used as a mineral supplement, costing less than one dollar per pound delivered. Take a heaping teaspoon mixed with water daily as an insurance of adequate macro- and trace mineral ingestion in these days of soil depletion through intensive farming." "Azomite is a naturally occurring mineral (montmorillonite) from Utah which has a high concentration of nitrates. Finely ground montmorillonite makes an excellent fertilizer. The high concentration of nitrates provides essentials for plant growth. Azomite contains over 60 known trace minerals essential for plant health. Plants fertilized with Azomite absorb the trace minerals and pass them on to you in bioavailable form.

For wheatgrass and microgreens use ¼ cup per 21” x 11” tray

Potted plants do well with 1 teaspoon per 2 inch pot diameter with potting soil before planting. Give 1 teaspoon quarterly thereafter

For sprouts sprinkle a pinch in with rinse water

Sprinkle on animal feed for livestock trace mineral supplementation

Some of our customers even take it internally

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